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Order through Burning World Records:

Hēn is the word used by the ancient Greeks to indicate the One, the divine principle embracing the whole reality, it’s the highest idea, it’s what the Becoming implies, it’s where everything originates and everything returns.


released March 30, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Maddalena Bellini
Mastered by James Plotkin

Released in LP by Lay Bare Recordings (The Netherlands) and distributed by Burning World Records.
Released in CD plus an additional bonus track by Fallo Dischi, Shove Records, La Fine.



all rights reserved


NAGA Naples, Italy

NAGA is a blackened doom trio.

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Track Name: Naas
Devouring the apple
Condemned to live
Wisdom was payed by the broken pact
Serpent is the reason
the serpent doesn't lie
the truth reveals his mask in the struggle for life.

Worship Naas

A blind submission
as price of the eternity
obedience distinguishes the sheep from goat
savouring the oblivion
tearing the pain
my mind is awake and i won't follow your way.

Worship Naas

Only you can find the way
the duality of fate
abysmal void behind the surface
now I'm free to spread my wings
I kill my tyrant again to set me free.
Track Name: Hierophania
"How homely mankind is...eating, sleeping, drinking, mating, urinating, defecating, and finally passing away. Only those of us who are forced to listen everyday, in the secrecy of the confessional, to the stories of its filth, its iniquity, may express an opinion on the human race, on the futility of earthly things, states, kingdoms, and hidden life inside the houses. If I had to express my own overall opinion, to issue my own
judgment, I would gladly invoke the doomsday, and peacefully pass an irrevocable sentence of total death".

"Come sono piccoli gli uomini, che mangiano, dormono, bevono, s'accoppiano, mingono, defecano, e poi vanno all'altro mondo. Soltanto chi come noi è costretto ad ascoltare ogni giorno nel segreto del confessionale i racconti che gli uomini fanno delle loro sporcizie, delle loro nequizie, può esprimere un parere sul genere umano, sulla futilità delle cose terrene, degli stati, dei regni, e sulla vita nascosta dentro le case. Se io dovessi dare un mio giudizio complessivo, emettere una mia sentenza, io volentieri invocherei il diluvio universale, ed emetterei serenamente una sentenza irrevocabile di morte generale".

In the beginning was the world
Lie of a cursed deity
Bitterness, Wrath, Anger, the black mark upon humanity
Eternal creation, mass, chaos, obscurity
Nothingness generates the will the power, the deity.

I won't put this anger away
Let wrath surmount the pain

No way to return your suffering
Thy wrath burns covered with grace
the world hangs in agony
Whitering trail of beauty
Satanic Hierophania Hidden by his mystery
I am the earth
The beginning as the end of everything.

Bring water, bring wine, let me get wasted and fall into sleep
the goblet tells me what I've become
in a unspeakable silence I spoke.
Track Name: Eris
Endless struggle rules the order of time
eternal aion who tears the world
what we saw is taken and left behind
what we lost we bring along

the way up is the way down

Deathless mortal and mortal deathless
the death of the other the life of one
Eris circle delivers victory and misery
abysmal throb of a forgotten ground

the way up is the way down

Everything is fire, fire is everything
silent judge on the doorway of time
shattered infinity is the price of awakening
mindless oblivion in the coils of one

the way up is the way down.
Track Name: The Path
Beware the dog hidden lord of flies,
Enters the door treating the damnation of the insane
so take his hands and he will let you know
the price of life paid by all the things you'd left above.

Whispers in my hears tell me what to say
voices from nowhere
paper marked with blood chained an avid soul
grasping knowledge.

The god in my heart can barely affect this limbers
Endless hours singin' melodies of surrender
night of distress breeds ruthless nightmares
the lack of power set the damnation of the insane.

Too young to play too old to desire
tortured soul burnt into fire
the day the pact was signed.

Nothingness burns human ethernal grief
it comes from shadows the only source of relief
so spread your wings and he will let you know
the meaning of life paid by all the things you left above.
Track Name: Hēn
Convicted in flesh
We're grasping life between birth and death
The river flows tearing the chasm

All we are is freedom and sorrow
Scratch the surface, wisdom will cower.

Climbing the cave
Searching the truth to be seen
Swallow the pain, balm which leads me through death

Waiting the dawn wisdom will cower
Scratch the surface drying the water

Aion, Father, Redeemer
Spirit who heals my wounds
Circle eternal destroyer
I lie hearing your word.

Aion, Father, Redeemer
Spirit who heals my wounds
Circle eternal destroyer
I lie obeying your law.